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Windsor Wooden Obelisk

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Windsor wooden obelisk 02
Rated 5.00 out of 5
2 customer reviews
A beautiful and bespoke wooden garden obelisk finished with a finial of your choice. 
Hand crafted in our workshop in Lincolnshire, England using the highest quality materials.
Hand painted in a wide range of Farrow & Ball colours. This beautiful wooden obelisk is suitable for a wide range of climbing plants.
A perfect addition and centrepiece to your garden or an ideal gift for a loved one.
You have the option to choose from three heights 5ft, 6ft and 7ft.



Product Description


- Handcrafted using sustainable and ethically sourced FSC approved wood from our local timber merchant.
- Perfect centrepiece feature to any garden allowing climbing plants to flourish with the beautiful wooden obelisk structure.
- Handpainted in a wide range of Farrow & Ball colours
- Choice of a ball, acorn or unique finial
- All uniquely made to order
- Available in three sizes, please contact us if you require a made to order size. 
- Designed and handcrafted in Lincolnshire, England
- Fully assembled and ready to use
- For Delivery & Lead times Click Here
- For Gallery photos Click Here

Approximate sizes of our wooden Obelisks (timber thickness for the legs are 5cm x 5cm)

5ft Obelisk - 162cm height (with finial) x 55cm floor width x 55cm floor depth

6ft Obelisk - 198cm height (with finial) x 64cm floor width x 64cm floor depth

7ft Obelisk - 225cm height (with finial) x 77cm floor width x 77cm floor depth

2 reviews for Windsor Wooden Obelisk

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I purchased the Windsor Wooden Obelisk, 7ft in French Gray for my climbing rose in my front cottage garden. I am absolutely delighted with it, the service was great and it was delivered as promised on the correct day and time. It is attracting lots of attention from passers by.

    The obelisk is stunning and looks fabulous mixed in with my roses. The quality of the craftsmanship is excellent and well worth the price for a handmade item.

    I will be ordered more soon for my back garden as it is so nice.

    Thanks Dominic!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Stephen Howard

    I bought four 5ft obelisks without first viewing and I have to say they look superb. They quality is first class and they were delivered by their own van and staff avoiding risk of damage and loads of packaging to get rid of.

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Choice of finials
We have a wide choice of finials to create that added touch to your bespoke garden product. You can choose for the traditional finial collection which include the classic ball and acorn.

All of our finials are made using sustainable and ethically sourced FSC approved wood. Visit our gallery to see our unique finial designs that we have handcrafted in the past.

What is a unique finial? – A unique finial is individually and uniquely designed and handcrafted by our in house carpenters using our top of the range lathes. Please be aware that no unique finial is the same! If you choose a unique finial our carpenters will choose a design based on their own design flare at the time.

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