Buckingham Wooden Obelisk

£ 405.00£ 510.00

A beautiful and bespoke wooden garden obelisk finished with a finial of your choice. (Ball, Acorn or Unique)

Designed and handcrafted by our in house carpenters in Lincolnshire, England using traditional carpentry methods.

Hand painted in a selected range of Farrow & Ball exterior eggshell colours. This beautiful wooden obelisk is suitable for a wide range of climbing plants.

A perfect addition and centerpiece to your garden or an ideal gift for a loved one.

A choice of three wooden obelisk heights 5ft, 6ft and 7ft.

Beautifully finished with a trellis on all four sides allowing smaller climbing plants to climb and take full advantage of the bespoke wooden obelisks height.

Buckingham Wooden Obelisk
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Handcrafted using individually handpicked sustainable and ethically sourced FSC approved wood from our local timber merchant.

A perfect centerpiece feature to any garden allowing climbing plants to flourish with the beautiful wooden obelisk structure. Allows climbing plants to take full advantage of the wooden obelisks height.

Available in 3 standard sizes – 5ft , 6ft and 7ft.

Hand painted in a selected range of Exterior eggshell Farrow & Ball colours.

A choice of a Ball, Acorn or Unique finial.

All uniquely made to order.

Designed and handcrafted by our in house carpenters in Lincolnshire, England.

Delivered fully assembled and ready to use.

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Choice of finials
We have a wide choice of finials to create that added touch to your bespoke garden product. You can choose for the traditional finial collection which include the classic ball and acorn.

All of our finials are made using sustainable and ethically sourced FSC approved wood. Visit our gallery to see our unique finial designs that we have handcrafted in the past.

What is a unique finial?

A unique finial is individually and uniquely designed and handcrafted by our in house carpenters using our top of the range lathes. Please be aware that no unique finial is the same! If you choose a unique finial our carpenters will choose a design based on their own design flare at the time.

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2 reviews for Buckingham Wooden Obelisk

  1. Audrey Zolnierowicz

    We recently took delivery of a 7ft Obelisk. It is a wonderful product, very sturdy and well made. It will make an excellent addition to our cottage style garden.

  2. Paul Fletcher

    We are delighted with our 7ft Obelisk – it is even better than the pictures shown on the web site. The entire process was very efficiently handled by the Company.

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Please note that all these sizes are estimates for our Wooden Obelisks (timber thickness for the legs are 5cm x 5cm).
5ft Obelisk - 162cm height (with finial) x 55cm floor width x 55cm floor depth.
6ft Obelisk - 198cm height (with finial) x 64cm floor width x 64cm floor depth.
7ft Obelisk - 225cm height (with finial) x 77cm floor width x 77cm floor depth.