Basil Bird Table

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Basil Bird Table
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Is there a bird table aftercare guide?

Yes, there is! Our Bird Table aftercare guide can be viewed by Clicking Here.

What is the finial choice on bird tables?

We offer three finial choices on our bespoke bird tables which are the ball, acorn or unique.

What is a Unique finial?

As well as offering the traditional Ball or Acorn final we also offer the choice of a unique finial. 

Each unique finial is uniquely designed and handcrafted by our in-house carpenters using our top of the range lathes. If you choose a unique finial, our carpenters will choose a design based on their own design flare at the time.

So rest assured, your finial will be entirely unique!

What are the lead times on bird tables?

For our current lead times, please Click Here.

What wood are your bespoke bird tables made from?

Our bespoke Bird tables are handcrafted using a range of softwood and hardwood.

We ensure that all of our wood is treated for wood knots, undercoated in Farrow & Ball exterior primer undercoat followed by a minimum of three coats of Farrow & Ball exterior eggshell paint. More information

All of our timber is FSC Certified and hand picked by our carpenters from our local timber merchants.

For more information on wood / timber that we use, please Click Here.

What bird table designs do you offer?

Our bird table designs can be viewed on our Bird Table product page. Click on the bird table to view the design.

What bird table sizes do you offer?

Our bird table sizes can be viewed on our Bird Table product page. Click on the bird table you like and find size dimensions.

Do you offer other sizes to what is shown on the website?

For made to order sizes please contact us via the contact form.

Do you offer the choice to have a post that can go directly into the ground?

Our bird tables have fully supporting legs as standard however if you would prefer your bird table to be placed into the ground we deliver your bird table with a Met post to allow you to place it into the ground.

The cost for a met post is £20, please contact us if you would like a met post.

How many hooks do you put on the bird table?

We put one hook on our bird tables to allow you to hang a bird feeder onto the bird table. If you would like an additional hook, please write this in the notes section on the checkout page.

Are there drainage holes on the bird table itself?

The pitch of the roof is designed to prevent large amounts of water collecting on the table part of the bird table. There may be instances during adverse weather conditions that water may collect. 

If this happens we would recommend using a sponge to lightly soak up excess water if required.

Do your bird tables fall over during bad weather?

Our bird tables have been specifically designed so that the supporting legs are equally proportional to the height of the bird table which prevents the bird table falling over during everyday British weather.

As the British weather is very unpredictable, during times of extreme weather or areas that we very windy you could secure down your bird table using bird table pegs.

Will I need to secure down my bird table?

Our bird tables have been specifically designed so that the supporting legs are equally proportional to the height of the bird table which prevents the bird table falling over during everyday British weather.

As the British weather is very unpredictable, during times of extreme weather or areas that we very windy you could secure down your bird table using bird table pegs.

How are your bird tables made?

All of our Bird tables are uniquely handmade by our in house carpenters in our Lincolnshire workshop.

Each of our bespoke products are crafted using handpicked sustainable sourced FSC certified timber from our local timber merchants. The timber is treated for wood knots and then painted in Farrow & Ball primer undercoat followed by a minimum of three coats of Farrow & Ball exterior eggshell paint of your choice.

We use traditional carpentry methods from start to finish taking pride on delivering high quality British crafted garden products.

How are your bird tables painted?

All of our bespoke garden products are individually hand-painted using the traditional wooden paintbrush. This begins by undercoating each product using Farrow & Ball primer in the relevant undercoat tone.

Once dried, this is then followed by a minimum of three coats of Farrow & Ball Exterior eggshell paint in the selected range of colours. We use genuine Farrow & Ball exterior eggshell paint on all of our bespoke garden products.

For more information, Click Here

Do you sell unpainted bird tables?

At the moment we only sell fully painted bespoke bird tables.

Do bird tables require maintenance?

Bird tables will require maintenance from time to time, for more details please Click Here to access the bird table aftercare guide.

Do I need to assemble the bird table when it is delivered?

All of our bird tables are hand delivered fully assembled allowing you to use your bird table straight away.

If your order is delivered via courier, the wooden finial will be placed into a small box to prevent being damaged. The finial will have a double ended screw to allow you to twist the finial by hand into place once the bird table is positioned.

Do you deliver all year round?

We hand deliver our Bird tables all year round except during January and times of extreme weather conditions.

Can I have a mouse on my bird table?

All of our bird tables have our signature mouse added onto each bird table roof!

Do you router the bird table posts?

Yes! All of our bird table posts are individually hand routered by our in house carpenters.

Do you have a bird table gallery?

Our Gallery page can be found by Clicking Here.



All of our products are personally hand delivered, ensuring that your order reaches you safely from our Lincolnshire workshop.

For full details on Shipping & Delivery, please visit our dedicated page by Clicking Here

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Please note that all these sizes are estimates and do vary depending on you finial choice.

Height – 188cm (74 inches)

Width – 74cm (29inches)

Depth – 74cm (29inches)

Weight – 25 kg


Lead times are estimates and can vary from season to season. If your order is being delivered please be aware it may take longer depending on how many orders we have near you. Our delivery schedules ensure we send out as many orders as we can in one delivery to help reduce our carbon footprint.

For our current lead times on our bespoke bird tables, please Click Here


For more information on accepted payment methods etc. please Click Here.


We have put together a handy and useful product care and aftercare guide to ensure that your bespoke garden product is correctly maintained. 

To view the bird table aftercare guide, please Click Here.


Having worked with premium paint for numerous years we have been continuously impressed with the high-quality paint that Farrow & Ball produce. The choice of colours complements our bespoke garden products, creating the perfect addition to your garden.

Farrow & Ball’s water-based paints are a low odour, eco-friendly and safe for you, your family and pets to use. Farrow & Ball’s strong commitment to the environment complements our environmental goals including fully recyclable paint tins. Being as kind as possible to the environment is at the heart of both Farrow & Ball and Robinson Garden.

14 reviews for Basil Bird Table

  1. Marion Phillips

    I bought this “Basil” bird table as a present for my Husband’s Birthday. I wanted something different and of good quality. Wow! This was delivered to us last weekend by Nigel and it is fabulous! The quality is unsurpassed. It looks splendid in place in our garden. I cannot praise enough the workmanship, and also the friendliness of the people at this company. I realise that this is pricier than most other alternatives in this field, but it is exquisite. We love it! (in case you hadn’t gathered!!)

  2. Wendy Dullaghan

    This Basil bird table is absolutely gorgeous. It is so well made and is a real statement in my garden. I waited a little while for it to arrive but it was definitely worth the wait. You cannot rush craftsmanship.

    Thank you Dominic and the team and also to Nigel for delivering it.

  3. Rita Wrigglesworth

    The bird table was bought as a gift. What a beautiful quality piece of garden furniture it is. The design and quality is superb. The bird table was completed and ready for collection earlier than the expected date. delighted to have such a lovely, statement piece which will give many years of enjoyment. Thank you

  4. Peter and Jackie Hammond

    Fabulous product. As the previous comments confirm you cannot have any replacement for quality . Nigel and his family so professional in all aspects . Will be back for more products –

  5. Colin Skellett

    A really excellent product. Great design, well made and a first class service.

  6. Guy Baxendale

    Very happy with our new bird table. The build time was almost exactly as per the advised time provided on the website ….not quick but well worth the wait for such a high quality product.

  7. Rachael

    My late Father bought this for my Mother’s 70th Birthday.
    Sadly he died before she received it.
    It is very special to us and the workmanship is lovely and very good quality.
    We will cherish it always.

  8. Richard Helm

    You have to pay for quality and the Basil Bird Table we bought to enhance our garden is worth every penny.
    We had guests visit and the first thing they said was “you won’t find that at your local garden centre”.
    A Big thank you to Dominic and your team and to Nigel, not only delivering the Bird Table but telling us how to look after it.

  9. shoshana Kitchen

    Superb quality and worth waiting for . Complements my beautiful Cotswold Garden completely . thank you X

  10. Ruth Stewart

    We had delivery of our bird table last Friday. We have been looking for a nice bird table for months and this is just what we wanted really lovely and beautifully made. Well worth the wait.

  11. Nicky Milburn

    I brought this a present for my mum and she absolutely loves it. The craftsmanship, design and colour is stunning. Thank you so much for making my mum’s birthday

  12. sarita schmid

    I love my ‘Basil’ birdtable! Great size and quality … much better than the usual garden centre stuff! I would recommend 100%

  13. Charlie Brooksbank

    We love the Basil bird table! It looks attractive and adds a point of difference in the garden. It is excellent quality, sturdy and the mouse makes me smile! Great, friendly service.

  14. Ellie

    I adore this bird table – I thought my previous one was rather nice but this one far surpasses it in terms of quality, looks etc. Am very impressed too with the level of service received and will certainly be buying more of their products!

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