Product Care Guide

An easy guide to help keep your bespoke Robinson Garden product looking it’s best! We have included some useful advice and tips to help you keep your bespoke garden product in superb condition all year round.

Reclaimed Welsh Slate

All our reclaimed slate is originally sourced from Wales. Wales has a Globally recognised reputation for one of the highest quality graded Slate and we couldn’t agree more! To ensure that the slate stays in top condition we would recommend that you apply slate / teak oil onto the slate at least once a year to lock in it’s quality and shine.

By applying the slate / teak Oil it allows the slate to breathe while actively repelling water and dirt enhancing its natural beauty. Slate / teak oil can be purchased from all good hardware stores, garden centres or DIY shops. Pour a small amount of the oil into a small tub, using an old paint brush, lightly coat the roof in the oil.

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Farrow and Ball Paint

All the paint that we use is from Farrow & Ball. We apply at least three coats on top of an undercoat to prevent rot. We would highly recommend that as an annual job to clean your product with lukewarm soapy water. Once dried apply Farrow & Ball paint and allow to dry.

| Product Care Guide | Robinson Garden

Moving Items

When you are moving items please take care when handling your bespoke garden product. The slate and the Wood together can be very heavy so please take care when moving. Very heavy items including seated arbours, dovecotes and dog kennels need to be carried by at least two people.

Adverse Weather Conditions

In the winter months and equally the other three seasons there maybe adverse weather conditions. To prevent any damage it may be worth sheltering your product away from somewhere that may be very windy. Alternatively if it isn’t already, fasten the product to the floor or put very heavy items underneath as a precaution during high winds.

Annual Care

An overview of the annual maintenance of your bespoke garden products:

    • Apply Exterior Eggshell Farrow & Ball Paint once a year after cleaning with lukewarm soapy water. Follow the Farrow & Ball Paint Guide. If you require undercoat to be applied, use Farrow and Ball Exterior Undercoat in the correct undercoat colour as this varies depending on your choice of main coat colour
    • For Dovecotes ensure each separate compartment is cleared before the next nesting season Visit the Dovecote aftercare guide – Clicking Here
    • Keep your bespoke garden product clean avoiding mess being left on your garden product for long periods of time. This is because if left, it can damage the paint and cause discolour. By definition of mess this can include mud, bird mess, food, leaves, grass trimmings and other types of garden waste
    • Apply slate/teak oil to products with a slate roof to lock in it’s natural beauty. This can be purchased on Amazon or any good hardware stores
    • Protect from adverse weather conditions
    • Most of all, enjoy your Bespoke Garden Product

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