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“To uniquely handcraft bespoke and sustainable garden products in Great Britain with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.”

Robinson Garden Core Values


Our story began in 2012 whilst visiting a local garden centre in search for an elegant Dovecote. With disappointment, there wasn’t a company that handcrafted bespoke, hand painted Dovecotes with elaborate added touches. It was from there that Dominic and Nigel decided to handcraft one for themselves.

Once the Dovecote was completed, it stood proudly in the front garden gathering a lot of interest from people passing by asking where we had sourced our Dovecote. It was from then that we had recognised a gap in the garden furniture market and the early stages of Robinson Garden were formed.


Truly Bespoke Garden Products are at the heart of Robinson Garden’s heritage and future vision. In our workshop, the in-house carpenter represents the best of the carpentry profession, translating it into a personal service for our clients. A Bespoke item is built through a deep collaboration between client and master carpenter, resulting in a unique final product created for that individual. Every detail and decision is made to ensure a product of unparalleled quality.


Since Robinson Garden was formed, we continue with our proud, family business values demonstrated throughout the full process of our Uniquely handcrafted Garden products.

From a bespoke bird table to ours seated arbours, the Robinson Garden team are on hand to take care of the smallest details. Taking an uncompromising approach to quality and service, every requirement can be taken care of.



Robinson Garden prides itself on a sense of appropriateness for all garden designs. Taking these traditional values into account, the team will translate them, through Bespoke or Made to order, into fresh designs for the contemporary garden lover, whether this is for a bird table, bird box, wooden obelisk, seated arbour or a bespoke dog kennel.


Robinson Garden prides itself on a sense of appropriateness for all garden designs. Taking these traditional values into account, the team will translate them, through Bespoke or Made to order, into fresh designs for the contemporary garden lover, whether this is for a bird table, a wooden obelisk, seated arbour or a bespoke dog kennel. One of the most significant moments in a person’s life is their wedding day, anniversary, birthdays as well as other special events and occasions, at Robinson Garden we offer special consultations to help you with the perfect gift.

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“Welcome to our Robinson Garden website and thank you for showing an interest in our Bespoke Garden Products. At Robinson Garden we have a highly skilled team to help you choose from our bespoke range and made to order. We continue to develop and diversify our product range and we look forward to displaying them in the near future. In the meantime thank you again for showing your interest and we look forward to delivering our handcrafted products to you in the near future.”

Dominic Robinson – Founder


With a background in finance, but his feet firmly planted in bespoke garden furniture design, founder Dominic Robinson is perfectly placed to preserve and develop the Robinson Garden story.

Dominic was born and grew up in Lincolnshire, before moving to Sheffield to stud Accounting & Finance at the University of Sheffield. It was whilst being at University that the business opportunity arose to design and sell bespoke garden furniture with his father Nigel.

The first stages of creating Robinson Garden began in 2012, Dominic continues to apply this commitment to quality and heritage, whilst imbuing the brand with a contemporary sophistication of design.


Dominic is building on the proud history of Robinson Garden, handcrafting a contemporary brand that is both functional and luxurious. From the seated arbour to the perfectly bespoke wooden bird tables, every piece in the Robinson Garden range has been crafted to meet specific needs and occasions.

The garden furniture market has never been so diversified and Robinson Garden celebrates its unique business approach to deliver bespoke British Garden Products. There is nothing nostalgic about this return to quality; it is being driven by the increased demand and recognition for quality and handcrafted products.

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