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Bird feeder buying guide

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| Bird feeder buying guide | Robinson Garden

Feeding garden birds choosing the correct bird feeders…

This may sound like an easy question when it comes to feeding the local bird wildlife. However if you would like to attract a wide range of birds or a particular bird variety it may help by reading this post.

Birds that visit your garden have particular feeding preferences ranging from ground feeders to seed feeders. Ensure the best chance of having these visit your garden by having multiple feeding sites.

Some types of birds are particular shy and prefer to stay in or close to cover. Others are happy to come out into the open space and collect their food. By visiting a local garden centre, large supermarkets or a variety of websites such as RSBP there a many of styles and designs of feeders to choose from.

| Bird feeder buying guide | Robinson Garden

^ Mesh Nut bird feeder

| Bird feeder buying guide | Robinson Garden

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| Bird feeder buying guide | Robinson Garden

^ Silent roar cat repellent


Types of Bird Feeders

There are a wide range of bird feeders and choosing the correct one depends on a wide range of factors, please see some examples below

Ground Bird Feeders

Particular birds prefer having food positioned on ground level such as wrens, robins and blackbirds. Some choose to scatter food on the lawn or patio. We would advise using a ground feeding table. We are currently in the process of looking at building bespoke ground feeders. In the meantime if you would like one built, please contact us.

Seed Bird Feeders

One of the most popular types of feeder in the market allowing to attract a wide range of birds including blue tits, finches and sparrows. They can be purchased with either metal or plastic fittings. Please be aware that squirrels are prone to damaging plastic fittings so it maybe worth checking to see if you have squirrels in the area you wish to position the feeder before purchasing. All of the seed feeders can be easily hooked onto the Robinson Garden Bird tables to make it easier than ever to attract a wide range of birds.

Some seed feeders now come with an enclosed feeder guard which allows the birds to enter easily but prevents predators from easily attacking whilst the birds are feeding. It also prevents larger birds and squirrels from accessing the food.

The seed feeders are suitable for sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts or any other seed mix. If you wish to use nyjer seed you can purchase special nyjer seed feeders which have very small holes or slits which helps prevent seed being wasted. Also as a way of preventing seed being wasted a seed tray can come in handy and can also provide extra room for birds to perch. It also allows larger birds to get to seeds which may be an advantage or disadvantage.

Mesh Nut and Nibble Bird Feeders

An all-time favourite for blue tits, woodpeckers and other birds that cling. Ensure that the feeder is made from steel mesh to ensure a safe method of offering peanuts to wild birds. You need to ensure that the mesh is large enough to prevent beak damage and is small enough to prevent large pieces of nut from being removed. Guidance from a few sources say around 6mm.

Suet Bird Feeders

You can purchase these in various sizes, they are suitable for suet cakes and suet balls. It is recommended to purchase a multi-purpose suet feeder for either balls or cakes. Never put suet balls out in nylon mesh bags as it can cause damage to birds and in worst case scenarios cause death.

Keeping predators away


Cats can be an unwelcome visitor to your garden if you are trying to attract birds. To make it safer for birds it’s advised to purchase feeders with guardians as well as taking steps to prevent cats climbing trees. If you believe this isn’t enough you can also use cat repellent such as silent roar or cat scarers.


They can visit many of rural and urban gardens and love to forage on garden bird feeders just like birds. However, they can cause damage to bird feeders if you choose the wrong type. If you do have squirrels in your garden its best to purchase metal fitting feeders as squirrels can easily chew through plastic.

All of our bird tables come complete with a top surface table to place food on as well as a hook underneath to attach a bird feeder.

Grey squirrels can be a problem if they visit your garden, as you may know they can do a lot of damage to bird feeders. As well as this they seem to have a very big appetite and can easily eat food and treats you have put out for the birds.

As a guide we would advise that bird feeders should be placed at least 2 metres away from any jumping off point such as a garden fence, wall, shrubs or trees.

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